Floating Timber Floors in Sydney

Floating timber flooring usually consists of sheets of TNG pine with a layer of feature wood on top. These floors can be laid over most existing surfaces.

If you are looking at floating timber floors in Sydney, we can advise on all the options to suit your particular room, and when laying the flooring we firstly ensure that your floor is level, and that the surface is stable. We then lay the wooden flooring pieces, which are available in many decorative patterns.

Benefits of Floating Timber Floors in Sydney

Floating floors are far easier to maintain than other options such as those glued nailed or nailed down. Later on if any of the flooring is damaged, it is easy to replace pieces. With the traditional ‘tongue-and-goove’ wooden floors, it is often necessary to sand huge areas, and then re-varnish if there is any damage. When these boards are laid we leave very clight gaps, which makes this system a lot more flexible too. Most of our floating floor board options allow for ‘sanding-back’ which is sometimes necessary after many years of use, so this feature does extend the total lifetime of this choice of floor covering.

For advice and options on floating timber flooring in Sydney, contact us by phone or email.

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